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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  August 8, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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while you were sleeping an earthquake hits the los angeles area. under investigation. five people hurt. now the transit system must figure out how it happened. team usa versus team usa. the four american women will battle for gold today in a historic match-up. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." live look outside today at 4:30. 75 degrees out there. more humid weather here in the nation's capital.
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not getting much relief. it is august. >> tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> time is on our side. every day that goes by, the temperature gets a ll bit more cooler on average. today, not terribly hot. yes, the humidity has returned. there is the view from space. we've got high clouds making for a fuzzy egg-shaped moon in the western sky. and on the storm 4 radar, just getting a couple of isolated showers on the eastern shore, no precipitati precipitation. 60s out of the mountains of west virginia vinl and western maryland. shenandoah valley and to the beaches, generally low 70s. mid and upper 70s along the tidal potomac there as well as around the chesapeake bay. now, here is your day planner for this wednesday. by 5:00, we'll be in the low 70s and mild and humid. and then by noontime, mid 80s. hitting the low 90s by mid afternoon. after that, might get an isolated thunder shower. does look like that might happen
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from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. by then, back down into the 80s. take another look at your forecast, that will be coming up in ten minutes. a look at traffic now on this wednesday morning. >> thanks, tom. if you're traveling on the roads, let's start with the beltway because we're still seeing overnight road work slowing you down just a bit. outer loop, dulles toll road. right lane is getting you by. let's head over to i-66. coming out of haymarket. the beltway eastbound, road work earlier just the right lane was getting by. you can see here travel lanes are open. the cones are gone. back in ten minutes with another look and your traffic as well as a look along i-270. aaron and eun, over to you. 4:32. breaking news. earthquake shakes the los angeles area. let's go right to angie goff live in the newsroom gathering information. good morning. >> good morning.
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magnitude 4.4 quake rattled l.a. but no initial reports of injuries or damages early this morning. the earthquake hit around two miles northeast of your ba linda, california, at 2:23 in the morning our time. that's 30 miles east of downtown los angeles.california, at 2:23 morning our time. that's 30 miles east of downtown los angeles. it happened a minute after the quake followed by four more smaller aftershocks. this morning we hear firefighters were in emergency mode checking large buildings, school, and power lines for safety. reporting live in the newsroom, news4. >> angie, thank you. tonight people in prince george's county gets to sound off about pepco's service after june's derecho. they expressed their frustration with the utility company. the storm left nearly half million pepco customers without power for days. one by one residents took a
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chance to scold pepco and the commission. >> you cannot make the utilities work for the very people who they are supposed to be serving, what the hell are you doing sitting here? >> did pepco do the best it could have done during the storm? >> i believe we did. i think this was a storm that hit us without warning. >> tonight's meeting will start at 7:00 at the prince george's community college in largo. and here's something that will probably come up at tonight's meeting. pepco plans to file for another rate increase this fall. that's according to the "washington post." pepco filed for a $68 million increase in maryland earlier this summer but only got an $18 million hike. the commission said it rejected most of the increase because pepco didn't deserve it because of a history of substandard performance. this morning a man is in jail accuse of abducting and sexually assaulting two young girls in prince george's county. the latest incident happened monday in lieu wis dale. charles is accused of abducting
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a 6-year-old from the value village thrift store. an officer at a nearby park saw him with the girl and arrested him. he admitted to sexually assaulting her and admitted of kidnapping an 8-year-old from the staple store last month but she got away. police in arlington are still trying to figure out the circumstances behind two suspicious deaths. 59-year-old keith springs and 31-year-old moaten were found dead by a groundskeeper in the apartment. police say skrigs rented the apartment and the menu each other. this morning a metro escalator is shut down after an accident hurt five people. a witness tells news 4 the escalator was making noise moments before that accident yesterday morning. the passenger's bag or clothes got caught in the base of the escalator causing her and others to lose their balance and fall. she says she noticed something wrong with the metal strip at
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the base of the escalator. >> it was loose and loud. >> what was it hitting? >> it was hitting the stair, escalator stairs. it was flipping up. >> flipping up into the air. >> yes. >> officials are trying to figure out how and when that metal strip came off. team usa will be winning at least one gold medal because it is an all american beach volleyball. they advance to their third straight gold medal match. plmp newcomers ross and cassie sweeped out a three-set win to make it to the final as well. we'll preview tonight's gold medal match and the day's other big empts coming up in ten minutes. the gymnastics events are now over. americanal aly raisman is now heading home with three medals. team was nearly flawless with her sticking almost every
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landing and adding difficulty to a routine that helped the americans win team gold. >> it felt amazing. it just really exciting. it still hasn't hit me yet. this day was amazing and went exactly how i wanted it to go. >> raisman finish eed fourth bu protested and won a medal. gabby douglas placed seventh. congratulations all around. amazing london games for the women's gymnastics team. >> i'm stuck on the volleyball thing. >> you're still stuck on that. okay. >> two american teams playing against each other. that doesn't seem right on some level. >> you can just root for team usa. >> exactly. >> there you go. 4:37 is the time. ahead on "news4 today," hurricane ernesto making landfall. the resort area getting hit and where the storm is headed next. for the second night in a row, the nationals are forced into extra innings. we'll tell you who the hero of the game was. tom kierein will let
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this morning the washington nationals waking up with the best record in baseball. they won another extra irning thriller last night beating the houston astros. roger bernadina ended the game with a dramatic catch with two
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runners on base. the nationals lead the braves by four games in the nl east. >> winning when it counts in the end in extra innings. this is very good for playoffs. >> such a prom missing season. >> very exciting. time for weather and traffic on the ones. it is 75 degrees out there. and humid, sticky hot once again. >> meteorologist tom kierein is here with weather and traffic on the ones. >> we just saw a live view from the city camera. we just have a few high clouds passing over the metro area. to our south, storm 4 radar showing one shower just to the west of fredericksburg drifting east. it's going to be coming right into southern stafford county over the next half hour. just one lonely shower there. prince william county, manassas, low 70s. by noontime, upper agencys. keeping in the low 90s by mid afternoon. late afternoon, showers and thunder showers. day planner showing afternoon highs reaching the low 90s throughout much of the region.
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after that is when we'll have a greater chance at maybe a few scattered isolated thunder showers. that would be between around 4:4:00 p.m. to perhaps as late as 8:00 p.m. sunset, 8:11 if rest of the week and weekend, 4:51. if you're traveling the beltway, inner loop at 193 university boulevard. road work was blocking the left side. you are able to get by on the right side. volume is light. it's not bad. i-270, take a look at clarksburg road. as you're traveling southbound, travel lanes are open. further south as you make your way past democracy. again, in both directions. no issues as you connect to the beltway. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. back over to you. >> thank you. 4:42. still to come, the candidates for president trade verbal jabs and call each other names. plus, another big day on the track in london.
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the big event you should be watching today. and how joan rivers reacted to the news that costco would
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a burial service will be held today for two u.s. fighter pilots missing in war. they died in a crash 46 years ago today. they will be buried together in arlington national cemetery at 9:00 this morning. sikh leaders from across our region will gather tonight to remember the victims of sunday's shooting at a temp until wisconsin. attend a vigil in lafayette park. sikh community says they are united against hate. two young children at the temple sunday are being called heroes. the 9 y5er8d girl and 11-year-old brother warned the members of the congregation. they saw the suspected gunman
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michael page first open fire. temple members say more people would have been killed had those children not shouted. the faa implementing a new policy nationwide after a close call at reagan national airport. air traffic controllers now being banned from using a traffic reverse procedure. planes to take off and land opposite of the normal flow of traffic. three us airways jets came close to each other. controllers had redirected the planes from bad weather. the faa plans to have a new policy. a popular summer camp is closed as police investigate assault allegations and reports of a fight club. police are investigating the counselors and possibly attendees at camp brown in scotland, maryland. no arrests or charges fined, but the camp says the youth workers involved have been fired. camp brown is run by the boys and girls club of greater washington. they will cease activities
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during the investigation saying the safety of the youth that they serve is their highest priority. this morning learning more about maryland's gambling expansion bill. governor martin o'malley subm submitted the expansion yesterday. 46th casino to go up in national harb harbor. they must vote in favor in november as well as prince george's county itself. it could expand table games to all casinos in the state and not allow internet gambling. a special session in annapolis is set to be made tomorrow. 4:47. in the day ahead, president obama will make two campaign stops in colorado. meanwhile, republican presidential candidate mitt romney is campaigning in iowa. with just three months now before election day the effort to attract voters is getting uglier. both candidates have resorted to name calming. >> it's like romney in the reverse. it's romneyhood. >> we've been watching the president say a lot of things about me and about my policies.
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and it's just not right. and if i were to coin a term it would be obamalony. >> president obama wants to extend tax breaks for individualing making less than $250,000. romney wants to keep the tax cuts in place for everyone and an additional 20% tax rate cut. big beach party today as two u.s. women's volleyball teams face-off for gold. plus, team usa fastest women rack up hardware on the track. danella sealock is at the preview of the events. history today with an all-american women's beach volleyball final. misty may-treanor and kerri walsh-jennings will go for a third consecutive gold medal. they on a remarkable run, only losing one set in their entire olympic career. they will face april ross and jen kessy. kessy is making her olympic debut but has experience. she and ross were the 2009 world champs. you can catch the gold medal
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match live online at 4:00 this afternoon or right here on nbc4 in prime time. it's also a huge day on the track. the race to watch today is the women's 200 meter final. team usa's allyson felix is determined to win gold. she won silver in the event in the last two olympics. and two other team usa sprinters will also be vying for a medal. carmelita jetter who already won a silver in the 100 meter dash and sonya richards-ross who won golds in the 400. they will all be challenged by the world's fastest woman, 100 meter gold medalist shelly ann frazier price from a jamaica. the men will also be in action with the semifinals and finals with the 110 meter hurdles. 2011 world champion jason richardson is expected to compete for a spot on the podium in his olympic debut. he won his qualifying heat as teammate merit. >> and medals in today's events
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could help the u.s. regain if lead in the medal count. right now china is first with 73 medals. the u.s. trails by three with 70. 30 of which are gold. and host country great britain has moved into the third spot with 48 total medals. we're getting some breaking news at 4:50 out of afghanistan. nato says a suicide attack has killed three coalition troops in eastern afghanistan. the taliban claiming responsibility for that assault. a spokesman for the local government there says two suicide bombers on foot detonated their explosives out side the provincial counsel building. overnight, hundreds of tourists evacuated beach resorts as ernesto moves over the southern yucatan peninsula. ernesto is mexico's border with bell lease. the eye of that storm made landfall just south of cancun. right now ernesto, a category one hurricane. it has sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. as we understand it, its track is carrying it toward the
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southern part of the gulf of mexico. all right. closer to home now. we are continuing our dog days of summer weather in the beginning of august. 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> meteorologist tom kierein is here. >> the reason we're calling it dog days is not because people are growling about the humidity but the star, the dog star, starts to appear this time of year and letting us know that the seasons are changing. >> meteorologist and astronomy. >> there you go. >> flames there at the olympic stadium. you can see the stadium is packed once again, getting ready for the events there under a cloudy sky. here's the london forecast. going to be mostly cloudy through the day there. mild. afternoon high, low 70s. only a very small chance of any rain. looks like it will be mostly cloudy through the period. we're mostly cloudy here this morning. getting one little shower here west of fredericksburg. slowly drifting east. just south of salisbury. and temperatures throughout the
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region, we're generally in the mid 70s right around washington. that includes prince george's, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. right near the bay it's in the upper 70s as well as tidal potomac there at reagan national. farther north, subburs in the 60s. that includes much of montgomery, howard county and frederick county. low to mid 60s. by 5:00 a.m., mostly cloudy and we'll still be in the 70s here in the next few minutes or so. by perhaps 6:00, maybe into the mid 70s. and we'll have noontime temperatures low to mid 80s. and it's going to be steamy. you'll notice the humidity will be higher today than it was yesterday. and it's going to be steamy during the rest of the afternoon. we'll have highs reaching low 90s by mid afternoon. then it's late afternoon we got about a 30% chance of an isolated thunder shower popping up. and then after that, we'll be cooling back down into the 80s through the evening. any isolated thunder showers that do pop up will be gone by mid evening. by tomorrow, another day a lot like today.
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although we may have a little higher chance of some scattered storms. mainly tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. thenikely showers and downpours by friday. might have severe storms friday afternoon. and we'll have highs around 90. but just in time for the weekend, looks like lower humidity moving in. any showers and thunder showers around friday evening should be gone by saturday morning, is the way it looks right now. so partly cloudy saturday. highs mid 80s. mid 80s on sunday, too, with lower humidity. delightful weekend. great beach and pool weather. lots of sun on sunday. as we get into monday and tuesday, more humid. danella, good morning. >> good morning. good morning to you. kicking off the first4 traffic report. checking out things in maryland. specifically 295 and i-95, really between the baltimore beltway and the capital beltway. not seeing any trouble spots for you right now. heading over to 50. again, looks good heading out of
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annapolis. take a live look and landover road as you make your way westbound heading towards new york avenue. nice and clear. and eastbound as well. again, out all of the way to annapolis, no incidents to report that the time. eun and aaron, back over to you. >> thank you. dozens of trees in great falls, virginia, will soon be cut down. it comes of a driver was killed by a 40-ton oak tree crushed his car last month on georgetown park. afterwards, neighbors told vdot and other places that are unsafe. vdot plans to start moving them next week. fa fallout from a refinery fire at a chevron plant in san francisco's bay area. it blanketed the region with acid smoke tuesday morning. hunts of people showed up in emergency rooms complaining of watery eyes and scratchy throats and trouble breathing. chevron held a community meeting last night.
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many people boo'd and shouted. they complained chevron waited too long to tell them about the dangers of the fire. it could also push gas prices up to over $4 a gallon on the west coast. the federal government helping to ee the pain caused by one of the worst droughts to hit this country in a quarter century. president obama asking the agricultural department to give another $30 million to crop and livestock producers in areas hit hardest by the drought. we may not feel the direct effects of the drought but you probably will notice an impact on what you pay for meat. record high grain priceses sending the price of meat soaring right now. a lot of butchers say things could get even worse. >> could go up 20%, 25%. it's a guesswork right now because you don't know how long the drought is going to last. >> some cattle men are sending their entire herds to the slaughterhouse just to stay afloat. that's kept meat prices in check for now. butchers suggest that you buy high quality meat now to keep it in your freezer.
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the number of children with high cholesterol is going down. researchers at the cdc studied the medical records of 16,000 children started in 1988 and going through 2010. they found total cholesterol levels went down over the study period and the levels of good cholesterol, or hdl, went up. experts are encouraged by the progress and found one in ten children still has high cholesterol. doctors say screening at-risk children for the condition especially between the ages of 9 and 11, should help bring these numbers down further. the white house is launching a new anti-bullying campaign with the help of one of the biggest names in entertainment. lady gaga is putting her support behind a new series of psas called don't just stand there. it's an effort to prevent both face to face and online bullying. lady gaga's mother spoke at a bullying prevention summit in d.c. and described some of the teasing her superstar daughter faced. >> everything from her locker being defamed at school. she was actually put in a trash
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can at one point. there's some pretty empirical evidence that shows that bystanders can actually do something to help stop and prevent bullying. >> experts say parents need to get more involved and encourage their children to talk about bullying even if they are not victims. >> so important to talk to them about it early on so they don't become a victim and they don't become a bully, either. >> and help other people. it is now 4:57. 75 degrees. coming up, a popular restaurant, an attraction join forces, why police had to be called to help sort out a dispute between joan rivers and costco. coming up at 5:15, better health care, pricier pizza. how much more customers will soon be paying.
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